Monday, November 1, 2010

Chow Mein from a Pan

I am thankful for homemade chow mein. Birch makes this treat of a dinner almost every week because I love it so. I was absolutely obsessed with noodles while I was pregnant and my taste for these in particular is not waning. He gets the noodles fresh from a place in San Jose (they sell them at the market here), boils them, then stir fries them with carrots, greens, onions, ginger, spicy peppers, mushrooms, and all kinds of different sauces that I am afraid to use. Sometimes he even fries up tofu slices and that just throws this already amazing dish over the edge! With the addition of Thai basil fresh from our garden, there's very little in the culinary world that makes me happier.


  1. YUM! So lucky to have a man that cooks- and cooks WELL! I was thinking about you the other day when I made cheese ravioli with corn and other fun random things you put in at your house one time. I still crave it like crazy!

  2. I still crave that chicken stuffed with cheese and pepper dish you made! :) Although I've lost the recipe for about the billionth time. I really need to make a recipe binder. Seriously, though, that chicken was AMAZING.