Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Talkies

I'm grateful for girl talk. You know, intimate conversation seriously drenched in idle gossip. Every once in a while, I think every girl needs a few hours of serious gossip time. I got mine today over cheesecake (and later over ramen). Have you had yours this month?


  1. i'm wicked jealous. i still don't really have any girlfriends here with whom to idly gossip over coffee. Luckily I have a week in new hampshire coming up :)

  2. Though I'm jealous of your out-of-U.S. existence, I'm so grateful that I have close friends near me. As Birch and I search for land, we're realizing that having our dream will most definitely mean moving away from our friends. Translation: build a guest room/house, too, and invite friends to come help during harvest. :)