Sunday, November 7, 2010

Go Ahead. Inspire Me.

It was hard to think of something to write about today. NOT because I couldn't think of anything I was grateful for, but because I wanted to write about something that was particularly inspiring to me each day, and today I just wasn't feeling inspired. So...

I'm grateful for inspiration. It's not reliable. It's not consistent. It's fleeting. It floats around without a care in the world and seems to have absolutely no regard for what I actually need to get done that day, but when it hits, it really hits, and if I don't act on it then I regret it for the rest of the day and in some special cases, the rest of the week. Perhaps it's writing up a story, designing a playhouse, sketching, or sewing a new stuffed animal or a pair of pants. It could be that sudden, unquenchable need to fill a vase with a bouquet of flowers handpicked by yours truly. It could be to jump into my boots and scatter seeds into the rainy garden. It could be to finally take down the twinkle lights that went out last month (after six years of near-daily use).
Vacuuming, baking a cheesecake, calling a friend, walking to the park, roasting squash, sweeping the front step, emailing Birch "I love you," cleaning the fish tank, clipping back the plants, scrubbing and drying the dishes, mopping the floor, organizing Keats' toys, taking out the trash, reading old journal entries, writing another poem, doing the laundry, applying makeup.

I'm grateful that I feel it. I'm grateful that I recognize it. I'm grateful when I act on it.

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