Thursday, March 29, 2012


Time flies when you're... moving through time. Short days, long hours. Winter to spring. Chill and frost to rain and unpredictable humidity. Recovering and hopeful to crying over his little, soft bunny body. It seems like just the other day that she was a newborn baby! Pure exhaustion to just tired. Hard to understand to talking nonstop and with precision. Cuddled in a ball to rolling over to standing up with minimal help and skipping that whole sitting up thing. Who needs that? Ten chickens to twenty-four chickens! Time flies when you're having fun!

It's been a while since I've visited this space. Honestly, the biggest factor was my annoyance at constantly having to switch from my Gmail account to my Blogger account. I made this blog before I had a Gmail account so I used my Hotmail address. Well, that got hacked. Big time. I've switched to Gmail but now I can't use that address as my Blogger username... frustrating. If there's a way to fix this that you know of, please let me know. I've reset my passwords a bajillion times because I just can't seem to remember them these days. I should just write them down and stick them on the computer screen. Worried about someone seeing them? Yeah, I live in the country. If someone comes all the way out here to steal my passwords, well, I'll change them and then laugh at the person for wasting quite a chunk of their time.

I'll get back to this space more this week, so check back! I have loads of news and photos to share of our growing life. The chicken coop has a name as does the house. We've gained a number of chickens and they are beautiful (we finished naming the "originals" and then we went and got more... names coming soon to a coop near me). We lost our dear Harlequin and miss him greatly. We're getting warm days between the rain, both of which are one hundred percent appreciated. We've experienced our first flooded Pescadero road and there is often two feet of water beneath our house (which is raised for this very reason, don't worry). This is our first spring here and it is exciting! Our wisteria is blooming and our willow and maple trees are leafing out despite being ravaged by the chickens once too often. Olive brought in a tick that first humid day which I quickly executed with the help of a jar and a freezer (thankfully, I've been really good about reapplying her medication the last several months). Keats and Frida are doing fabulously and are both super healthy (excepting, of course, poor Frida's ezcema which is a battle). Birch and I have celebrated our birthdays and chose very fitting and wonderful gifts for ourselves... yipee!

Check back! All love to you and yours!