Monday, November 1, 2010

I Have a Confession: I've Been Thinking About Christmas Since August...

From Anthropologie (I love their ornaments each year):

 From Pottery Barn:

I love looking through catalogs and getting ideas for what to make myself for this year's holiday season. So many things could easily be made yourself with just a little "empty" time. I'm the first to admit that I also love purchasing a few (I'll most likely grab those stocking holders). Despite myself, sometimes buying things really does make me feel a bit better, or perhaps just a bit easier. It helps me to feel like I'm not constantly thinking about money, about scrimping and saving.

Plus, I absolutely LOVE decorating for the holidays. I'm actually somewhat ashamed at myself for completely letting Halloween go by unnoticed in our home. I'm not really into the spooky decor you see in the shops, though, so I'll have to think of something fitting for next year. Perhaps just a plethora of black cat cut-outs doing different things among a bunch of jack-o-lanterns? We'll see. Here's to planning (most decidedly another favorite thing)!

So, for the next two months, I know what I'll be doing! Searching, planning, and crafting my way to the holidays. If I spot anything super sweet, I'll let you know. Maybe I'll even get in a tutorial or something fancy like that. I'll ask now.. any favorite shops, recipes, activities you especially love during the holidays? Let me know!

p.s. - Believe me, I'm all over Etsy on this one, but didn't have time to pick my favorites for this blog. Plus, Etsy totally deserves its own blog, for sure. :)


  1. Oh, I love decorating for Christmas too! Those Anthropologie ornaments are so cute.

    One of my favorite things at Christmas is wrapping presents. I found some really cute and inexpensive wrapping paper at Ikea yesterday! They have some great designs this year.

  2. Dude, I absolutely LOVE wrapping presents, too! I'll have to grab me some of that tape you were raving about. It's SO beautiful. I'll have to check out the IKEA angle, too, although I have been considering using fabric instead of paper this year. We'll see. It's just too fun!