Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A New Routine

I never thought that cleaning would become an escape, but it has. Birch and I are both pretty cluttertastic and once a pile piles high, there's little that can stop it. So, in an effort to make our lives less embarrassing and give me a bit of baby-free time, Birch and I have agreed upon a new routine.

Birch gets home from work: takes boy and grabs a beer. Relaxes while I take a shower (yay!) Once he's done with his beer, he takes Keats and Olive out for a long walk and possible frolic time if the field is open. While they're doing that, I get to clean a room/space. Last night I cleaned the bathroom and it looks marvelous! Tonight I think I'll tackle the living room and hall. Here's to getting organized for better times with crawling, on-the-go babies!


  1. Awesome. That sounds like a great plan. Evan and I have decided before resorting to house-cleaners, that we are going to do a joint cleaning every other week. Cheers to bettering our lives!

  2. That sounds extremely enjoyable and doable! Have fun!

  3. Leslie, how's it working? Ours has since died a terrible death. Haha.