Sunday, November 21, 2010

Once It Hits Your Lips...

Keats is absolutely flying through our stash of baby food. Mango, avocado, rice, apricots, lentils, banana, peach, broccoli, raspberries, sweet potato, apples, and freeze dried yogurt. Eating solid food is way messier than breastfeeding, though, so I've come up with a list of goodies that make our lives easier and just a tad cleaner. 

Bibs. In a crunch, I'm not against tying some stretchy baby pants around Keats' neck (only under my supervision, obviously), but the more flashy, fashionable side of myself loves snazzy bibs. And, you guessed it, Etsy is where I go to find those:

Bib in Orange and Blue Wood Print with Spoon Pocket, Funky and Cute, Classic Baby Gift
Bib by Bobaloo.

Race cars hand dyed bright orange bib
Race Cars Bib by Laundry Monster.
Burp Cloths. We seriously have about fifteen or twenty of these bad boys and all exclusively from Laundry Monster. I sometimes feel like I should branch out but I just love her designs so much and she hand dyes the cloth herself! Not only are they fabulous for eating and cleaning up nastiness with a bit of flair, my fabric-obsessed son is absolutely enthralled by them. He loves playing with them and even sleeps with them on occasion.

Tiny zoo animals on lilac hand dyed burp cloth
Tiny Zoo Animals Burp Cloth by Laundry Monster.
Keats sleeping with his burp cloth. (Age: 3 months).

Entertainment Center/High Chair. We've got a small entertainment center thing for Keats since we don't eat at a table yet. (It's in the works, I promise.) It should really be called a "containment center." Keats is so excited about food. He jumps all over the place in this thing, "waiting" for the next spoonful of pureed deliciousness to reach his mouth. "It's so good. Once it hits your lips, it's so good!" (Name that reference and I'll give you a gold star.)

Keats in his Baby Trend Walker (age: 7 months).
Once we're eating at a table, we want either a Svan High Chair or a Stokke Tripp Trapp. These babies transition from infancy to adulthood (just like real babies)! Both are made from sustainable wood and don't create an eyesore amongst all your other nice things! The price is serious for both, especially having to buy cushions separately, etc., but the fact that they'll last so long is pretty encouraging.

Stokke Tripp Trapp in black.
Svan High Chair in cherry.

Which one would you get?

Spoon. Obviously. (Although I have on several occasions just used my finger when I couldn't find any spoons. Hmm... I'm feeling more and more disorganized as I write this...) We snagged some spoons on the fly from Whole Foods. They're made by Green Spouts and though I do like them and their small size is quite nice for little baby mouths, they don't exactly dazzle in the excitement department. They're this pale, dull green. And yes, I realized it's silly to want snazzy spoons, but it's fun! Anyone with me on this one? So, I'm on the look out for new utensils for our little boy. 

Yes, please:
Yellow and Orange set by notNeutral.

What are your favorite go-to items for making mealtime fun for everyone?

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  1. I LOVE LOVE those Tripp Trapp chairs. I wanted one SO bad when our kiddos were little, but we ended up with the good ol' $19 IKEA highchair that has made it through two babies.

    Thanks for the shout out!