Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Little Joy Machine

Birch wrote a "guest" blog for you all! Take it away, Birch:

i just spent a lot of time reading blog entries, so i've kind of run short on time to write one, but here, rather randomly, are some thoughts: in this season of thankfulness i would like to express how grateful i am for Kristine and Keats. however i don't think i can actually do that, not in words and certainly not in the 5 or so minutes i've given myself to write this, so i'll go with this thought: keats is basically a little joy machine. seeing and hearing him laugh and smile, kissing his little fat cheek, watching him explore the world he is starting to become conscious of- all this brings me insanely deep feelings of happiness. i'm not sure where his language development is at inside his little brain at this point, but from what i understand without the ability to think in words he is constantly in a sort of zen state, always present and experiencing every moment completely, and being with him that "presentness" can't help but rub off on you. i see it on stranger's faces when they see him smile or laugh, and i am so grateful to be able to experience little moments of pure joy every day. so thank you to my son for the feelings he inspires, and thank you to my wife, for everything, but especially for having the little joy machine all revved up and ready to go when i get home everyday.


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