Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don't Cut Down My Tree

I am grateful for Birch. Every time he says, "I love you," I'm warm and cozy. When he tells me why he loves me, I believe him. We spend so much time together, but still every morning as he heads out to work I feel a little pain inside as he goes and can't wait to see him again once he's home. Long weekends are too easy to get used to, sitting together in our apartment, playing with Keats, taking Olive for walks, eating together, and laughing at the little silly things that happen throughout a day... so lovely. I'm grateful for who he is and what he has grown to stand for and love. I'm grateful for how much we agree upon across the board. I'm grateful for his concern for my well being and the many steps he takes to bring me back up on a bad day. I'm grateful that nearly every day he comes straight home from work and takes Keats and Olive out for a walk in order to give me some breathing time. I'm grateful for his willingness to be in and stick with a truly challenging career and I'm grateful for how much he loves it (even on those days where he seems to have temporarily forgotten). He loves me so much and makes it very clear. I have never doubted it and I've come to realize that is a great blessing in life. I'm grateful for his obsessive need to make the world a better place and for his boldness in executing that goal. I'm grateful that in an argument, Birch makes it easy to discuss the problem and move on once it's solved. Lingering feelings of bitterness are extremely rare and dealt with quickly. He makes nearly all of my meals and encourages me to be as healthy an eater as possible. He makes things I've been scared of for years absolutely delicious (kale and daikon salad with miso dressing) and my old restaurant favorites into a reason to never eat out again (chow mein, any kind of meat, sauteed mushrooms, anything involving tomatoes, and pasta). Birch is a loving, caring, patient, passionate, relaxed, and strong husband and father. I am so proud to be parenting along with him and so happy that Keats has such a giving father.

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