Friday, November 12, 2010

For Thursday, November 11th

I'm grateful for days that are so busy you don't have any time to write a blog!

Birch had Veteran's Day off, so we took full advantage:
  1. Date night sans baby the night before at Vino Locale in downtown Palo Alto. We were going to go ice skating, too, but left too late and the rink was only going to be open for another half hour. Oh, well. Next time. By the way, Birch has NEVER ice skated. Crazy, right?
  2. Beach trip Thursday morning with Miriam and two-thirds of her crew (Sofie and Kegel, no Ben) and Liana (longtime friend from high school visiting from NOLA) and the crazy lab Illapa. 
  3. Quick dive home to drop off Olive and change clothes, then...
  4. ... Up to the city for a gallery show at the Public Barber Salon with Cindy Loughridge, Seth Restaino, Dottie L. Guy, Jeremy Brooks, Pei Ketron, Patrick Power, Chris Connolly, and Allen Passalaqua. Remember me wishing for another show about a week ago? Yeah, crazy timely timing, right? Awesome. The photos will be up until January 2nd, so go check 'em out. They're for sale! Oh, and you can get a hair cut, too. I'm sure Birch would like me to add that he's grateful for the salt baked crab he had last night at Kim Tranh just down the block from the salon. With baby in tow it made for quite an interesting restaurant experience and though Birch's breath was downright nasty afterward, he was in heaven throughout (oh, and they gave him this nifty finger bath bowl that magically made his hands not smell like garlic, green onions, and crab. He thought it was perhaps tea with lemon?).

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