Monday, January 30, 2012

Positively... Tired.

Today is a hard day. This month has been a difficult month.That's why I started the Positively Charged series, but this post is not one of those, it is the antithesis. I'm sorry if it comes off as complaining and whiny... it is complaining and it is whining, but I think we each should be able to vent without fear of judgment at least once in a while... and who knows, maybe letting it out will help figure out solutions. Here's hoping.

Keats is still battling it out when it comes to sleeping in his crib for naptime and bedtime. He just wants to keep playing. For eleven nights in a row he has stayed up till at least nine. He has had several nights when he wakes up around three or four determined to sleep with us in bed for the rest of the night. That can't, and hasn't happened. For eleven mornings his late nights have not meant that he's slept in. He wakes up between six-thirty and seven. For seven of those eleven days, he hasn't had a nap.

Frida wakes up and is fed and changed at ten-thirty, midnight, two, three, and then is up for good at five. She goes back to sleep at eight or nine.

Keats fell and hit his lip on a chair last night, busting it open. At two this morning he fell out of his bed, presumably to retrieve his blanket which he had kicked off. His bed has a small railing to keep this from happening, but it doesn't always work and I believe the mattress is still too high to be safe from falls.

All of this means I have slept an average of four hours a night for about two weeks. Birch gets an average of six.

All of that no-sleeping means Birch and I are both clinging to each particle of patience we possess for our children and therefore get into little mini fights throughout the day, straining our relationship and making us feel bad about ourselves. There are a lot of apologies flying around our house these days.

Both kids have been sick since last Tuesday.

Keats has decided that pouring liquids anywhere and everywhere is hilarious.

I can't remember the last time Birch and I were on a date, just us. We missed my birthday date first because we forgot (!) and then we missed the postponed date because we were sick. It may be postponed until Valentine's Day.

I have three shirts and one pair of pants that fit, aren't stained, and make me feel good about how I look.

The chickens have not re-accepted the bantam Old English Game hen and so she is living inside until we can fix her up with something better. She is lonely.

Birch let the chickens out this morning and noticed Harlequin behaving strangely. He is hobbling around, unable to use his back legs and listing to the side when he's still. Birch had to leave for work and I don't have a car yet so I can't take him to the vet. Harlequin is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit and is four years old. I'm doubtful that he'll make it till Birch gets back home.

Harlequin chowing down on some winter snacks.
Keats (age: 10 months) getting to know our Harlequin.
Here's hoping that Popeye (Keats' new favorite video... so inappropriate), lots of cups of cocoa and tea, and some sunny weather will help to flip this day upside down and make us smile. More importantly, I hope Harlequin's suffering doesn't last long. Every time I look at him I start sobbing. I love you, Harlequin Bunny. I promise you a million treats and a new run if you make it till we can take you to the vet. I love you, you bravest of all tiny things. You have never been afraid of Olive or any dog, you love living outside, you love being pet and scratched though you hate being picked up, and you are ravenous for food just like everyone else in this house. You are family, little guy. I love you. Get better, please.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Positively Charged [2]

Okay, so I had meant to write up a little something between the first and second installments of my Positively Charged series, but oh well. Right now (literally at this moment) I'm battling Keats in an all out war to "Stay in your crib for naptime!" Anyone else going/gone through this? He figured out "how to get out of his crib" (read: launch himself out and really badly hurt himself) so we converted his crib into a toddler bed until we buy this gloriousness. We'll use his crib for Frida who is currently cosleeping with Birch and I. So... now there is an hour long (or longer) battle everyday. The last few days I've bucked up my resourcefulness and patience and have been very methodically taking away and giving back crib toys when he gets out of or stays in his crib. He loses one when he gets out and gets one back after a certain amount of time staying in (the duration of that varies based on his sleepiness level). We also go through this at night for bedtime. It is exhausting, but the new strategy seems to be helping. Oh, and he's defense pooping. I didn't even know that was possible until now.

Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  • Week #2 of Birch bringing home tulips from the farmer's market.
  • Delicious Thai chicken soup on blustery nights.
  • Nasal aspirators.
  • Watching chickens eat ridiculous amounts of insects all day long in the yard.
  • Lovely friends coming to visit during the week to spice things up around here!
  • Our washing machine and dryer. I love you.
  • The menagerie of birds that live on and visit the farm everyday (more on this later).
  • Our decision and ability to eat nearly exclusively organic and locally produced food.
  • Frida changing from a baby that cries all day to a baby that smiles all day.
  • These posts: 1. 2. 3. And 4.
  • Still haven't watched the last episode of Dexter (hopefully this weekend... it's time!)
  • Reconnecting with our dear friends, Mark and Stephanie! Congratulations on the purchase of your house!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Positively Charged [1]

  • The bakery had chocolate chip scones.
  • All of my new birthday books were waiting for me at the post office today.
  • Frida is taking longer naps that don't ruin her night-sleeping.
  • Our new flannel sheets arrived.
  • Birch is doing the dishes.
  • My sister instructed me on eyeliner and time-outs.
  • Keats helped me build an IKEA bookcase.
  • The living room was clean and organized for a full two hours one day this week.
  • My new pants are a little big.
  • I still haven't watched the last episode of Dexter.
  • It rained.
  • Keats figured out the "k" sound.
  • Birch brought home tulips.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Inspiration and Resolutions for 2012

writing Beatrix Potter-style stories about Keats and Frida on the farm

write at least two snail-mail letters each month

draw at least three hours a week

learn more about watercolors

Source: via Kristine on Pinterest

get back to daily farm walks

cook dinner at least once a week and thank Birch for cooking all the other nights!

start creating a colorful garden

make each sleeping nook in our home a beautiful and inviting place