Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keats This Week (1/22/2011 - 1/30/2011)

Better late than never. Hopefully.

Keats holding his prized lamb's ear leaf.
As you know, we were all sick this week, but that didn't stop Keats from being pretty darn cute. Last Saturday we celebrated his cousin James' fifth birthday at Hidden Villa Farm in Los Altos, California. It was so much fun. My sister did a wonderful job on some farm-themed cupcakes and the tour of the farm was really fun and extra cute with the addition of SO many baby animals! We were introduced to (and reminded of) some winter-growing vegetables and greens that we'll have to try next year (sorrel and fava beans). Nearly every animal on the farm was pregnant or had just given birth. Keats loved seeing the sheep and goats (as usual) and I was re-educated on pigs since James Herriot kind of ruined them for me years ago. It was also nice to hear that each piglet would grow up to be the same size, even the runt, which both surprised and gladdened my sister and I as we both have read Charlotte's Web one too many times. Keats did a little more walking, but as that was the very beginning of him feeling real sick, he became dazed and snuffly so we called it a day and went home. It was lots of fun! I hope his birthday party is half as fun as that farm party. Note to self for when he's turning two! 
The runt. It was less than half the size of its siblings!
The a-mazing cupcakes my sister made!
With his four cutting incisors in, Keats is now working on his two top side incisors. Coming right on the tail of a bad cold, teething is wreaking havoc on both day and night time, but we'll get through it. These two new teeth don't seem to bother him as much as the second set did, and for that I'm grateful! Keats has had some pretty tough days this last week and I don't know if Birch and I can handle that sad, pitiful face anymore! It's so sad to feel so helpless when your little one is hurting.

Speaking of hurting, Birch has gone from just having a bad cold to an ear infection. I know... sad day. He's a trooper, though, and I have to remind him to rest and take naps. Not to mention take his medicine. So, more days off work. Oh, well.

Hopefully this coming week will be better and healthier for all of us! We've completed our budget and figured out a new way to stick to it. We're both pretty excited about that and hope to be a bit more frugal with each passing month. Got to save up for preschool, etc. How crazy is that? Hope you are all having a lovely week, even in this rain of ours (pretty stoked that I don't have to keep watering our plants, though). All love to you and yours.


  1. those cupcakes are hilarious and very well done. i thought the sheep looked a lil bit like the wallace and grommet sheep. i hope you are all feeling much better very soon! love you.

  2. He's Shaun the Sheep!

    She made the face with mashed tootsie rolls. :)