Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fabric Choices for Keats' Playhouse

For the outside of Keats' playhouse, I'm still deciding between these two orange solids, though I'm leaning toward the Papaya. Sewn with a thin batting, the walls will have a bit more heft and stand up to more potentially rough play (and the stitching will be more defined).
Kona Solid in School Bus (left) and Papaya (right).

For the window and door trim I'm considering a white/off-white fleece. The indoor fabric is a pretty fun one, I think. It's a bolder print that I'm hoping will help liven up the interior, especially with all of the natural light that I'm hoping will be flooding in through the windows.
Zoo Babies Green Floral Medallion for the wallpaper.
I'm still not quite sure what fabric I'll be using for the fireplace or even what color it will be. I want to pick out the bookcase first so the fireplace doesn't completely clash. That sounds ridiculous, but whatever.

It's going to be so awesome to have play dates with this thing... I can't wait!

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