Thursday, January 27, 2011

Elbow Grease and Water

We are so excited for spring. We're having some lovely, warm weather here in the Bay Area (hopefully it won't trick too many of our fruit trees into blooming early). Birch and I are still sick and Keats is on the mend, but we can help but do a little work in the garden anyway. After all, there's only so many days that one can sit around doing nothing. For Birch, that's one day, if that. And yes, that little attribute can get annoying. ;) But when the mood strikes both of us at once, nothing can stop us. We can stuff done! Since I've generally been feeling healthier than the rest of our crew, I've been on the forefront of the garden clean-up. Raking up oak leaves, cutting back plants that are taking over, and turning the compost. Birch and I spotted two free Papasan chairs on the street yesterday and snagged those up. Only one had a cushion and it was NASTY so we threw that away, but hey, we're pretty stoked. More outdoor seating! I'm planning on buying some cheapo cushions then using the covers as templates for some prettier fabric. Have you seen outdoor fabric lately? Hideous. So, I'll fix up the stands (perhaps a coat of paint) and make some cushions and voila! Pretty, new outdoor seating. Huzzah. Not today, though. Today we're hoping to laze about some more, go for a walk in this beautiful weather, play at the park, and I'll do some light garden work later this afternoon.

While we're stuck inside, I'll just dream of all the wonderful things we get to plant this year.

Plants to plant:
  1. Our Japanese maple!
  2. Tulips.
  3. Snapdragons.
  4. Golden Creeping Jenny.
  5. Hens and Chicks.
  6. Japanese eggplant.
  7. Thai eggplant.
  8. Clematis
  9. Plantain Lily.
  10. Bleeding Heart.
  11. Butterhead lettuce.
  12. Strawberries.
  13. Thai chilli peppers.
  14. Stonecrop.
  15. Runner beans.
  16. Golden beets.
  17. Elfin Thyme.
  18. Fennel.
  19. Arugula.
  20. Pickling cucumbers.
  21. Habanero peppers.
  22. Radishes.
  23. Cilantro.
  24. Water lily.
  25. Orchid.
What are you looking forward to planting this year?

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