Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

So I am really excited about this coming year. Opening up a new calendar, turning to January, and writing in all the birthdays, holidays, and fun trips we're looking forward to is so fun and refreshing. Starting a new year's budget that promises to make everyone happy (even our bank account), finally getting a hold on the cleanliness of our apartment (and how we plan to keep it that way), and the discovery of a wonderful quilt and fabric shop that I plan on frequenting as often as possible in order to complete the mountain of projects I've saved up this past year. So exciting! Oh, and I get to see Birch all geared up and ready to kick some butt several nights a week (in a gym) and that is always... ahem... nice.

Keats is teething pretty bad these last weeks. Those two upper teeth are monsters! But right now he's sleeping soundly on the couch with Birch while I secretly plan for this year's holiday decor. I plan on making one or two things a month until Christmas to try and keep myself sane and stress-free for the actual holiday season. We'll see if that pans out. This year it was orange, but I'm thinking purple may be weaseling its way in come December.

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