Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oven, Sewing Machine, Pen, and Hammer.

Day three of the list countdown and Keats is slowly on the mend (although Birch and I are still struggling). The last few nights have been rough, but Birch is hoping to be back at work tomorrow, and hoping even more that we'll all feel healthy and refreshed.

As we slowly work on our place, I can feel it coming together and hope to have it in somewhat of a permanent state come April. My sister Rachel bought me a quilting foot and a Martha Stewart book about organization (thank you, again!) and I've already picked up quite a few ideas (although I don't think I'll be spending the cash she seems to think necessary). Some things I'll plunk down the dough for, but others (like bathroom storage) I'll be maneuvering about some thrift shops, etc., which I think is in keeping with the whole idea. Oh, and uh, our bed is going to end up where the dining room is. Sounds odd, I'm sure, but it's going to be awesome. Bedroom turning into a room dedicated to project undertaking and adult time? Yes, please!

So, here's list #3...

Things to Create:
  1. First birthday cake.
  2. Fabric playhouse.
  3. Pancake mix.
  4. Gnome hats.
  5. Skirts with ruffles.
  6. Garden arch.
  7. Mini skirts for me!
  8. A children's book.
  9. Curtains.
  10. An organized and accessible kitchen.
  11. Keats' Halloween costume.
  12. Changing table cover.
  13. More pillows!
  14. Photo book of Keats' first year.
  15. Birdhouse.
  16. Cheesecake.
  17. Slippers.
  18. Grapefruit tea.
  19. Poetry.
  20. A lovely room for Keats.
  21. Garden tool hanger.
  22. Organized and safe play area in the living room.
  23. A larger (extension) rabbit hutch for Harlequin.
  24. Christmas stockings.
  25. Presents.
What will you be creating this year?

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