Friday, January 7, 2011

Keats This Week (1/1/2011 - 1/7/2011)

Keats is now nine months old and 20.5 pounds. We thought he was weightier than that seeing as that was his weight at our last check-up, but his check-up on Wednesday confirms that he's the same weight, a bit taller, and that he has a big head (which, believe me, we knew already). 18.5 inches!

This week, Keats finished off teething his two upper teeth and has started to walk holding just one of my hands across the living room, though he is easily distracted by toys and definitely needs some kind of goal in mind to convince him that it's worth it and efficient to walk. Speaking of walking, congratulations to Keats' friend Sofie for taking her first unassisted steps!

Sofie is 11 months old. I can't wait to celebrate her first birthday! It's going to be a blast. Wow, it's amazing that all these birthdays are happening already. "Slow days, fast years" is right.

Keats is eating more and more "real" food and tolerates pretty much only his fruit purees at this point. Puffs are still an all-day long snack. We go through them so fast, I'm seriously considering my sister-in-law's advice of buying them by the case.

Keats' twisting and turning during diaper changes has become a serious problem, though we've still managed to keep everything contained which I count as a personal triumph. However, our current cloth diaper system just takes too long and my patience is wearing thin. When someone is there to help and entertain Keats while I change him, things aren't so bad, but I get downright frazzled during the many daytime changes by myself. I remarked to Birch this morning that I'd rather deal with the cloth diaper steps after the change rather than during, as in, I'd like to switch to an all-in-one cloth diaper system like my sister and my friend use. We have to wash our diaper covers everyday anyway, so it doesn't seem like our current system is saving us what we thought it would financially. We'll see, but somehow I see this twisty phase lasting a long time.

Keats is such a sweet boy and still very social. His grandmama (Birch's mom) comes over almost every week to help out for several hours, giving me unencumbered time to clean, sew, or reorganize. On super desperate days, I nap. It's so nice to have her here giving us her time. Though we're not necessarily in love with where we live, it is such a blessing to have both of our families so close. Keats recognizes his family and loves to play with them. It's so sweet to see.

Keats talks a little bit now. He says, "Mama" the most, which as far as we can gather means a few different things at the moment: mama and milk being the most prominent. He also makes a smacking sound or a "p" sound for his puffs and all other food (purees and whatever he sees us eating) signaling that he's hungry. He is still breastfeeding, though I can already feel my body starting to peter out as it gets less frequent. We're trying to keep it going to his first birthday, but we'll see what happens. 

Keats sleeping with Birch on the couch after a long day. (See our new pillows from my brother and sister-in-law? They're perfect!)

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