Friday, January 14, 2011

At first I wanted to sew, eat chocolate, and become commander of a great ship
But then I fell asleep and it was worth it.
Then I wanted to travel, publish, and create beautiful works of art
But I washed the dishes instead and it was worth it.
Then I wanted to fill a street with light like Chris on "Northern Exposure"
But I ate nachos and watched "Six Feet Under" and it was decidedly worth it.
I wanted to taste Thai street food, climb trees, and shave my legs every day
But then I had an idea...

I wanted to be happy, to be whole, to love and be in love
And then I had you and it was worth it.


  1. Beautiful poem, you have a way with words.
    Nachos+sex feet under= my kind of night!

  2. my sister wrote a few weeks ago on our blog about northern that show!