Monday, January 24, 2011

Places to Go, People to See. [Updated with Pictures]

Flying West over the United States for winter break 2007. I met Birch a few days later. Thank you, World.
Our family is sick. I seem to be the least hard hit, but Birch and little Keats are struggling. Hanging out in a steam-filled bathroom, taking warm baths, and drinking lots and lots of fluids has helped, but our poor little guy is so pitiful with his super running nose, wet cough, heavy breathing, and just general sadness throughout the day and night. Naps are frequent, but short. Birch is home from work today, trying to get well fast so that he doesn't use up too many sick days. My parents have kindly offered us a humidifier so we'll go pick that up today.

Weirdly enough, I seem to be getting more done today than any day this week. With Keats napping so much and with Daddy home, I've done laundry, cleaned the living room and bathroom, cleared out most of the debris in the yard, clipped some plants back a bit, and eaten two whole meals including tea! Wowsa.

On to the main event of the day: This is Post #100! To celebrate, I'm making a list of one hundred things I'd like to accomplish this year, separated out into four categories which I'll spread out over the next four days. So to start us off:

Place I'd Like to Visit:
  1. Tahoe. 
  2. Montana (specifically Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park).
  3. Hakone Gardens in Los Altos, California.
  4. Butano State Park.
  5. Oregon House, California (we're looking into land up there).
  6. Pinnacles National Monument.
  7. Utah (specifically Moab).
  8. Joshua Tree National Park (Birch has never been).
  9. Pacifica, California (to do some fishing off the pier). 
  10. Tataki Sushi House in San Francisco. It's been too long dear friend.
  11. Tyrolean Inn Restaurant in Ben Lomond, California. So good...
  12. California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.
  13. Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  14. Hidden Villa Farm in Los Altos, California.
  15. Anderson Valley Brewery in Boontville, California.
  16. Any wineries my brother and sister-in-law want to show us. Please! :)
  17. Petaluma Seed Bank (ridiculous amount of heirloom varieties available).
  18. Tilden Park in Berkeley, California.
  19. Red Branch Meadery in Sunnyvale, California.
  20. Pescadero Bed & Breakfast.
  21. A's game.
  22. San Jose Giants game.
  23. U-pick fruit farms.
  24. Oakland Flea Market.
  25. Big Basin.
Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California.
    A lovely path through the woods in Felton, California.
    Where would you most like to go this year?

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    1. Glacier National park is definitely one of mine as well, Also the narrows in Zions park. A place a would absolutly love to visit but may have to wait another year is a Restaurant in Barcelona called Espai Sucre..Everything on the menu is dessert and the chef is extremely innovative. A dish I would love to try there is called, Magret of Duck with sponge cake of cacao