Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning Week Three Goals UPDATE

Keats has begun a new game: pretending to be asleep. He sets up a pillow and blanket, snuggles down and snores. It's hilarious and sweet, but I can't help wishing it were real...
It took me a couple of days to really launch into this week's goals. Wednesday morning came along and I decided I'd had enough of the mess in the living room (toys scattered everywhere, torn up wrapping paper from wonderful presents, dirt and dog hair waiting to be swept away, and cheddar bunny crumbs perhaps waiting to turn into cheddar bunny trees). So, while Keats was distracted by breakfast and a new video and Frida was practicing her crawling (!) I quickly "sorted" the toys back into their boxes and onto the shelves, swept up, and tossed a few things into the recycling. 

That's when things got weird. I heard something rolling on the roof then heard a big SPLAT! Then came the usual egg announcement from one of the chickens... on the roof. I looked outside onto the deck. Yep, a broken egg. Really? Had a chicken really laid an egg up there? A second later, Cider, our most adventurous hen ame flying down on the roof. I just started laughing. Keats started laughing, too. Frida smiled. Olive jumped up and down, begging to be let outside. I opened the door and she ran out, gobbling up the egg. Easy clean-up. Thanks, Olive! The occurrence hasn't happened again, thankfully. Perhaps Cider was inspired by the ridiculous peacocks and their brood? Birch and Keats found their nest on top of the hay bales the other day...  
Clean and change all bed linens
Write in journal or blog everyday
Box up any clothes Frida has outgrown
Write a love note to Birch
Clear off computer desk and repurpose
Put together new bookcase and reorganize books 
Bake a special treat
Send off package to England
Follow daily Spring Cleaning goals

As you can see, I didn't exactly do much of what I had planned this week. Basically, no cleaning. At all. I could blame it on doctor's appointments and shots, on family mayhem, on Frida NOT sleeping... but the truth is I just don't care that I didn't accomplish all that I wanted to this week. What I did was enough. I have no reason to complain this week. Things went crazy but we all made it through. 

One of my dear sisters gave birth to her third child. All seemed fine until a blood test revealed he had an infection. My sister stayed in the hospital with him several more days and nights than expected. I am so grateful for her strength. She handles so much in her life. So much stress and yet handles it and beautifully! While I wasn't doing much with my week, my sister was giving birth and taking great care of her newest little one. And good news! The little guy was released from the hospital on Sunday... phew!

The family came together to help her husband with their two older children. This week has shown me, once again, how amazing my family truly is--full of inspiration, strength, devotion, and a never-ending impulse to help one another. I grew up thinking this was the normal family dynamic but have since learned that we are unique. I am so grateful to have come from a large family full of love and understanding. We've gone through some things in our journey as a family and so far we've all made it through. We are each so much stronger because of each other. I am so grateful to you, Foxes!

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  1. Glad to hear that the new baby is doing well! I saw the photos on fb and he's gorgeous! And you're right -- the Foxes are a pretty amazing bunch :)

    As per Cider's adventurousness, we currently have a chicken that's taken to laying eggs in the wash sink behind the house, and there's another who's prefer laying spot is in the window sill at the in-laws. At least she's gotten better at getting it to balance up there. Others have tried and failed leading to a number of broken eggs on the sidewalk. But thus far I don't think we've had any venture as far as laying on the roof (thankfully!).