Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good Morning!

A shower. Imagine turning the music up loud. Really loud--so loud that it drowns out your singing even over the deafening water cascading over your dancing body. Imagine bopping your head and swinging your hips in perfect time while massaging the shampoo into your hair. Imagine no one else around. Imagine that it's just you, alone in the shower, smiling and singing your heart out. Imagine you haven't showered in days and this is the first time since the last. Imagine Bowie, The Cars, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Imagine it was cloudy when you went into the shower and the more you sing, the sunnier it becomes. Imagine the room filling with steam. Imaging laughing as you sing the wrong words. Imagine not caring a bit. Imagine the lather on your face, your arms, your belly. Imagine clean, fresh water washing it all away. Imagine your morning espresso kicking in. The world becomes clearer. Imagine all your thoughts making sense. Imagine all the perfect comebacks. Imagine washing away all the sleep, all the exhaustion, all the tired. Imagine scrubbing it all away. Imagine being renewed. Refreshed. Imagine a shower.

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