Saturday, April 14, 2012

Positively Charged [5]

  • It's been raining and the plants are refreshed and sprouting like mad!
  • I found a bunch of art I've been wanting to frame but couldn't find.
  • This year's renewal of D.I.Y. magazine came with a free year... woot!
  • We had a lovely afternoon and dinner with one of my sisters and her family.
  • Another sister is SO close to her due date. Hang in there! These last couple of weeks are so rough, I know... we love you!
  • Found those little kid cowboy boots.
  • The house is in chaos but it's that "crazy before organized" kind of chaos and that is exciting
  • Birch gave me the go-ahead to renew my Amazon Mom membership. SO worth it.
  • I've actually managed to not stress over Keats' party on Saturday!
  • Lovely grub at the farmer's market! I love spring!
  • I'm actually staying on target with this spring cleaning stuff... woot! Woot!

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