Monday, April 2, 2012

The Originals

I've fallen ridiculously behind in my posts, I know. We just expanded our flock of chickens and I realized I hadn't even given The Originals their adult, named debut here! My goodness!

Lucy is my favorite. She is very friendly and
follows Keats and I around practically everywhere.
She's made it into the house a number of times, always
to be kicked out a second later. She is the easiest to handle
and loves to be stroked even when she's just on the ground.
Rose is Lucy's more elegant and dramatic sister. She
follows Lucy around but is much more shy with people. She is
very smart and knows which side her bread is buttered on.
I usually find her following Keats (with his pockets full of scratch)
or between my feet as I move things around in the yard.
Cider is Birch's favorite. She is extremely adventurous and is most often
off by herself in some strange, not-for-chickens type place, like the roof
or a window box. We don't worry for her though.
She takes care of herself quite well.
Poppy is almost always in a state of agitation. When she's not in the nesting box
for hours on end she's hopping around the yard unable to decide
whether to avoid the roosters or follow them around constantly.
She's a troubled soul, but we love her. I'm
pegging her to go broody first.
Dew is flighty and mysterious. When startled
she walks backwards. She'll accept just about anyone's company
except that of her sister, Sylvia. She is always the first
to partake in the worms and bugs uncovered
by relocated containers and straw bales.
Sylvia is straight up crazy. Dark and moody and nearing the
bottom of the pecking order, she flutters about
the yard with Poppy, the both of them squawking and
over-reacting to just about everything.
She also walks backwards when startled.
Quince is even-tempered but not exactly friendly. She's more likely to
just stay out of your way. She's opportunistic and clever. She took the
longest to convince that the nesting boxes, instead of the bushes, was the best
spot to lay her eggs. I'm not totally sold that she doesn't still lay a few
outside the coop, but I'm not about to go search for them.
Ronin is Keats' favorite. Keats learned his name first, followed by Lucy.
He is surprisingly friendly for a rooster. He's a lovely leader and protector.
He has made his way up in the world, taking over top rooster
from his counterpart, Shogun, despite having fully matured later.
Shogun has made my "list" a couple of times by
attacking me when I pick up his ladies. He pulled my
finger and twisted it out of joint once. He seems to
think the only thing the hens need protection from is me; not
the hawks or Olive Dog, just me. I am dangerous. I admit that
I get scared when trying to take his picture.
Jane is shy and a bit of a dunce. Whenever the flock startles and flies across
the yard, she never follows. She mosies about eating with her head down
then flies in a panic toward the nearest chicken a few minutes later. If
one of our flock gets "taken," it'll be her. She's a great layer and is on good
terms with everyone in the flock.

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  1. Entertaining. I should walk backwards when I'm startled, too.