Thursday, April 19, 2012

Positively Charged [6]

  • Keats and Frida are becoming better friends as Keats realizes Frida responds to him
  • Keats is better with Olive and they play really nicely outside
  • The farm dog, Nick, is way better with Keats now and they play fetch on our walks
  • Keats is better at picking up chickens than either Birch or me
  • I realized I wasn't killing my hanging orchid, the stems had broken slightly on the drive home
  • I've fallen behind on spring cleaning duties, but the prep for Keats' party is coming along
  • I'm starting to get over my guilt of not inviting everyone I know to birthday parties (do you have this problem, too?)
  • Birch has found some work for the summer, so finances are less stretched... such a relief
  • We've agreed on a time and strategy to buy that "new" car
  • My beautiful watch came in the mail this week! Woot!
  • One of my besties is tying the knot this fall. Road trip with the family! So exciting!
  • Leaves are coming back to the trees and it is gorgeous!
  • With the help of my sister-in-law's espresso machine, mornings are a little more exciting. We were getting a little tired of our french press (which makes lovely coffee but the routine of it was getting a little old)
  • Snatched up a dehydrator from Birch's grandparents. So excited to make our own dried fruits, etc.
  • Keats is really good at saying "Thank you" now. It makes it all so much easier...
  • All the little farm animal babies are doing well and are SUPER cute. Oh my goodness, the puppies! The piglets!