Saturday, February 12, 2011

Keats This Week (2/6/2011 - 2/11/2011)

Walking, walking everywhere and deciding that running is preferable. That's our little boy this week. Anything remotely exciting results in Keats walking across the entire living room with both hands raised in the air for balance (and triumph) with a great big mischievous smile spread across his adorable face.

With all this new activity comes a few drawbacks, but I'm sure we'll figure it all out soon. Keats wakes up several times a night screaming for milk and trying to get out of his crib. Ugh. Do I put down a cushy mattress just in case he gets over? Oh, what to do. Apparently my dad used to actually teach me and my siblings how to climb out by ourselves once we reached this stage much to chagrin of my mama. I can see the temptation, though. He's also trying to climb out of his little chair that we use to feed him. It's a little fold-able entertainment chair with a tray. You see, since we don't have a dining table yet, we decided a high chair would just mean us standing while feeding him and who wants to do that? But, the necessity seems to be upon us so next month I think we'll need to slap down a bit of cash for a table and a high chair. I'm happy about it as we've been wanting to escape our couch and movie/show during dinner habit. These purchases will put back a few others we were hoping to make, but it's worth it. Perhaps we'll become "real adults" once we're sitting at a table for dinner?

It is so exciting to enter this new stage of Keats' life. I can't wait to chase him around the park, the beach, the baylands, and to not have to carry him everywhere! I think we'll go to the duck pond today and see what's going on over there... ducklings? Maybe? Crosses fingers.

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