Saturday, February 19, 2011

Keats This Week (2/12/2011 - 2/18/2011)

All cut and ready to stitch.

Hung up and cheery.
Valentine's Day was more than wonderful. My lovely mother-in-law offered to babysit Keats while Birch and I had a long date. Birch dropped off Keats while I took a shower and got dressed (and finished up some Valentine decorations). Two small paper heart pins (one for me and one for Birch) and a wall decoration. We went for a seriously delicious meal at Scratch, a new family-owned restaurant in downtown Mountain View. It's a great place and we look forward to going again. It's the kind of place where you could go in off the street, wearing whatever or make a serious night of it and get all dressed up (which I did, heels and all). After dinner we went on walk down Castro Street (the hub of downtown), stopped into Books, Inc., a local bookshop. I looked over lots of design books while Birch found some awesome cookbooks he was excited about. I know, we're pretty predictable. We snagged some gelato (yum!) and headed back home to watch a movie and relax before going to pick little boy up.

It is amazing how just a small amount of time alone can infuse our relationship. Raising a child, as wonderful as it is and no matter how much it is what we want and love, is demanding on a romantic relationship and it becomes much more work to stay connected than it ever did before. So much more is said silently, but so much more needs to be aloud. Finding the moments, the time, to express ourselves and how we feel is paramount. I absolutely adore being with my husband. He is so caring, funny, and intelligent, it truly is a joy to talk for hours on end, especially now that it's turned into a bit of a treat to be able to do so! Oh, Birch, I love you. I'm so happy that you're my Valentine. Well, one of them. ;)

Spring is on its way... spread the love!

Keats is doing very well this week, too. He's walking up a storm, making signs for things, and giving lots of kisses. Oh! This was really exciting: Keats actually communicated a complex desire to us. He gave his sign for outside then pointed at Olive and said, "dog." He did it couple of times until I turned to Birch and said, I think he wants to go for a walk outside. Keats lit up immediately and ran over to me then made the signs again. We left immediately. It was awesome.

To all my lovely Valentines out there, I love you very much. Thank you for helping to keep my head up. Thank you for all the love you give and show me. As my wonderful grandpa used to say, "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!" (Okay, just teared up.)

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  1. So adorable. Love your wall hanging. Great idea. Yes, kids are great- but definitely make you have to focus more effort and energy into the romantic side of a relationship. So happy you two had some fun time together! Love date nights- they are so refreshing. What a fun age Keats is at- he's so cute!