Thursday, February 24, 2011

Help Choose Our New Name!

The time has come to choose a new and better name for ourselves and we need your help! On the right, you'll see a poll with four choices: (1) Coming Home, (2) Measure + Measure Again, (3) A Fox's Den, and (4) Coming Home: A Fox's Den. You can vote for more than one if you'd like.

Also, if you think of a name please let us know in the comments! We'd love all the input you can give us. We'd like to invoke the cozy feeling of home and all that encompasses: food, safety, beauty, artwork, crafts, animals, photographs, and of course, family.

***Update: Decided to close the poll early... I've picked my pick, I've chosen my choice. You'll see the result on Monday!***

Hope you are all having a wonderful night! All love and stay cozy!


  1. hmmm....

    "measure of a nest."
    "measure the nest in teaspoons."

    was going to say "a fox's nest", but somehow that sounds a little raunchy.



  2. I love the new look! The background watercolour is really pretty, and the colours in general feel like you.

  3. i like 'A Fox's Den'. It feels cozy and encompasses all the the homeyness of family and good food and making a space into your own.

  4. Heather has put an image in my head that I can't get out (and no, Heather, not raunchy). The Fox Nest. Wouldn't it be adorable to draw a mother fox with her pups in a big, branchy nest? Perhaps with papa fox standing just outside? It feels cozy but also conveys the sometimes crazy factor of parenting and relationships in general. I think it may be a winner, but I'll be patient AND see what you all have to say... :)