Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unexpected Additions to Our 2012 Budget Plans

The Original Plan
  • Fence up an area of the yard to keep the chickens
  • Vegetable and flower garden
  • Duck enclosure in the garden
  • Kitchen storage
  • Buy a somewhat new car (!!)
  • Family visiting from the UK (!!)
  • Family road trip to Utah (!!) 
 The Additions
  • New computer (The battery on mine died forever last night and I'm not sure I want to invest in another battery for that computer as it was slow and the screen was broken.)
  • Pay off half our credit card debt (Ugh.)
  • Do not pay bogus AT&T bill and settle the insanity once and for all. I hate this company so, so much. (They put in internet to the wrong location on our property and then decided to bill us for it. Uh... no, not paying to not have internet, thanks anyway. Wonderfully enough, they've taken us to collections over it. Oh, credit score, see you later! Good times.) So this isn't so much an addition to our monthly payments but a way to help us retrieve our credit. (Oh, did I tell you that AT&T actually hangs up on us every time we call to try and settle this? Yeah. They're awesome!)
Why all this? We're gearing up to start thinking about looking for a house to buy. I'm more mentally ready than Birch. Pretty sure he thinks I'm insane. I spotted a place that I've deemed pretty much perfect for us and our budget, but as the above indicates, our credit isn't ready and the place has been taken off the market (not sure why, perhaps they're renting instead?) We've pretty much given up on buying a house with land attached as that just won't be possible for us and our finances. Not here in California, anyway. We don't want to wait years and years and I really don't want to be relying on someone else to go in on the property with us commune-style. Most people we know around here actually lease the land they farm on, so we're looking into that as an option. Buying property is so complicated. I congratulate anyone who has attempted/succeeded. Seriously, well done.

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