Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Good Days


  1. I thought you might appreciate this conversation between Eduardo and I the other night. He's awful with names, so people are often described in a round-about way to get him to remember:
    eduardo: what are you up to?
    me: looking at pictures of my cousin rachel's new baby
    edu: ooo - who's rachel?
    me: ummm.... kristine's sister, in california
    edu: she's the one I like?
    me: i don't know, I don't think you've actually met.
    edu: she's the one with the photos of the chickens?
    me: yeah
    edu: they're awesome. i like her.

  2. What a cute fox hat! Whenever I see anything fox-related, I always think of you. :) Your life on the farm looks amazing.