Friday, May 25, 2012

Positively Charged [7]: My Kids

After last night, this feels intensely necessary. Always good to remember the wonderful things in life:
  • Keats is getting pretty into dancing these days
  • Frida crawls and rolls over constantly
  • Keats repeats everything and is much easier to understand
  • Frida has recovered from "stranger danger"
  • Keats understands that he shouldn't pick up chickens near the roosters (Shogun especially)
  • With the help of a prescription, Frida's eczema is clearing up enough to give her a break from intense itchiness
  • Keats is now sleeping in a "big boy bed"
  • Frida loves reading books with us
  • Keats is now drawing every day
  • Frida gets through the night without a single diaper change
  • Keats says "thank you" on a regular basis
  • Frida loves playing with Keats and is much more interested in his toys than hers
  • Keats is getting better at playing with Frida and learning how to play gently
  • Frida is super social and smiley right now
  • Keats is really interactive with his environment and points out/talks about just about everything he sees and hears

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