Monday, June 20, 2011

Quick Check-In

Life has been crazy the past two weeks. Packing, moving, packing some more, cleaning, etc. Our last day in the old apartment is coming up fast and with Birch needing to work every week day, things are slow-moving. But we'll get it done. We have to and though that thought stressing me out like no other at times, it is also comforting just knowing that all this craziness has an end-point. We've had some amazing help and support from close friends and family, without which I don't think we could have done it, not without several panic attacks from me, anyway. Poor Birch. The man is stressed out, too, but he has this amazing ability to just get it done while comforting me when I'm just too tired to move. I've bad-mouthed his constant need to be doing something before, but it's times like this when I realize what an extraordinary blessing it is to have someone like that in your life. The man will just work for hours on end late into the night, then get up early, go to work, come home and give me a short break from Keats, then start packing, moving, and cleaning all over again. It's pretty astounding to watch.

At this point, we just want to be in our new home, enjoying the fresh air, the new space and places, and setting up all our little knick-knacks. It'll be a slow process though, so we'll just have to take deep breaths and wait until we're getting regular paychecks again in the fall. It's all worth it, though. All this stress and craziness, it's worth it for what we're getting. We feel very lucky to have been given the chance to encounter our dream so early on in our marriage. I'm looking forward to slow days outside, taking out the thistle and grass in the yard and replacing it with fall crops, and splashing about with Keats in the kiddie pool. Oh, Summer, you've finally arrived and I can't wait to spend quality time with you outside at the farm.

Until then, there are many things to be done: painting the walls back to white, switching our phone line, taking ourselves off PG&E's radar for a while, moving the rest of our stuff to the new place, and trying to find a way to thank our wonderful friends and family for all they've helped us to do the past few weeks. That last one will be the hardest.

Once we move, we may be out of contact for a while as we wait for our phone and internet to be set up, but we'll check back in when we can and let you know how we're doing. All our love and enjoy this late-coming but beautiful summer weather. Ah, sunshine, you've been missed!

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