Friday, June 3, 2011

A New Place Means New Hope in Design

As Birch and I prepare to move to the coast and into a smaller place, I can't help but dream of finally bringing all this years' addictive blog-reading, online window shopping and failed decorating to good use in a brand new, clutter-free space.

I signed up for an e-course, Style Your Space by Smile and Wave's Rachel Denbow, a while ago and it (combined with the prospect of moving) has given me the impetus to just go for it and get rid of everything I've been on the fence about keeping. You know, the conveniently free but inconveniently sized/shaped piece of furniture that you put up with because, well, it was free? Birch and I have accumulated many of these and with the chance to start over again, I can't resist doing just that: starting over.

The course has been really helpful and I definitely plan on taking more e-courses in the future. It's such an easy way to learn about something you're specifically interested in while keeping your life as stress-free as possible as you can keep up with the course at your own pace! Perfect. Oh, and it's a fraction of the price of a university course. Huzzah!

So, now we've figured out what kind of furniture we really need and I've figured out what aesthetic I'd truly love filling my home. The new place will be filled with light, color, and open space. Oh, and books will be sorted by color a la this bookshelf seen on Aesthetic Outburst (via Jenny Mitchell via desire to inspire via design*sponge).

With all the beautiful homes I have cataloged away, I have a good idea of what I want, where to get it, how much I'm willing to spend on what, and what can stand to be bought for less now and then replaced when we're a bit better off/have more tucked away in that savings jar.

Adding punches of color is always fun.
Vintage tomato red ceramic table lamp from High Street Market.
Reclaimed Cedar Skinny Wall Table by True Connection.
This gorgeous bedspread and rug are the perfect combination from Anthropologie.
"The Bird Collection" print by Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst.
A smidgen of science with a framed Charaxes Eupale from Real Butterfly Gifts.
And with a few pieces left "blank" for contrast or future DIY spicing up, the colors pop even more and the beautiful, natural light of the room shines throughout open space, giving the impression of a larger space even when the room is really quite small. So, I'll snatch up some spot cleaner and make up some new rules which I'll probably never follow and hope for the best!
The simple Klobo loveseat from IKEA.
The Rivulets standard-size shams by Anthropologie may be a bit much for Birch, but we'll see.
With vases filled with wildflowers, artwork/photos and knick knacks hung on the walls, books and toys displayed in an accessible yet fun manner, a daily sweeping of hardwood floors, and a new sense of how to keep it all organized and livable, our home will be our home and on those days when we're forced by the weather to stay indoors and race cars across the living room floor, we'll love it. Coming in from the glorious farm outside won't be so painful as we plop down on a cozy rug and watch Angus Lost. Coming home from the awe-inspiring Pacific Ocean will introduce us to the wonder that is shaking off the sand on the deck, stripping down as much as possible, laughing all the while as we run to the bathroom to take a quick shower then snuggle up on the couch to look at all the photos we took that lovely day. We'll chop up carrot greens in the kitchen to feed Harlequin the rabbit, slide on our boots to visit the cows and pigs, grab Olive's leash from her special hook and venture out. Out from the place we've made for ourselves that not only reflects who we are and what we love but invites others inside, invites others to know who we are, invites others to keep hoping for themselves. Birch will come home each day from work and his long commute and smile as he's greeted by a happy family and a beautiful home situated right in the middle of the perfect spot: our dream come true!

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