Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fabric for a New Home and a Little Girl

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. We're still recovering, still without phone or internet at home, but slowly making process on settling in. We celebrated Independence Day and our third anniversary and I had a private birthday party in my head for my lovely niece who lives in England accompanied by a Hostess cupcake (my one real indulgence in the world of processed foods) complete with candle. Things around here don't seem to be slowing down at all anytime soon, so hopefully once Birch has some actual summer vacation we'll be able to really enjoy family time without the worries of commuting, planning, and doctor visits. Please, oh please. Those will be two sweet weeks which I fully plan on savoring before Birch starts up the new, regular school year.

So, in the quiet moments when Keats is asleep, I daydream about fabric. Perhaps odd, but I love it. There are so many projects whirling around my head that I'd love to complete by the end of the year. That playhouse that is seriously overdue, picnic blankets, crib bedding for both Keats and our little girl, some outdoor bunting to brighten up the full-of-potential backyard that now only has three dying tomato transplants and a thriving bunny, and perhaps even a few pieces of clothing for me, Birch, and the little ones. We'll see what gets done and what is put on the back burner.

Here's some fabric I've been eyeing:
Zoe Pearn Designs Alphabet Soup in Argyle Orange
Rosette Cherry by Valori Wells Wrenly
Chicken Eggs in Maize by Sentimental Studios Farmyard
Anjou Pour Vous in Yellow by Michael Miller
Zoe Pearn Designs Alphabet Soup in Circles Green
Mamma Birds in Mandarin by Valori Wells Wrenly
Solid Crosshatch Sun by Timeless Treasures
Foxes by Monaluna Organic Anika
Lou Lou Thi Laminate in Summer Totem Tart by Anna Maria Horner

What fabrics are you craving these days? Happy fabric shopping!

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  1. Beautiful fabrics! I'm sure your garden will be amazing in no time. Thank you for celebrating Skylar's birthday from afar! She's still talking about her birthday and all the fun she had. :) We miss you, as always.