Monday, December 6, 2010

Starting Family Traditions and Looking for Inspiration

I came across Delia's blog through Prudent Baby and I'm very glad I did. Delia Creates has so many fun, easy projects and now with the holiday season full upon us, I'm diggin' her Christmas crafts, especially this advent "calendar." I just love all the fun things you can do with it: her idea of daily activities, daily kindnesses, and singing every day is lovely and so fun for kids! Seeing as Birch has lost his voice due to his four-week cold and my son isn't exactly singing yet, I'll save that part for later in our lies, but the first two are fantastic... I'll have to think of a third one that is perfect for us. Think, think, think...

I can't wait for more inspiration from all my lovely bloggers!

Most exciting of all is the fact that Keats has a new morning nap (sometimes up to two hours) so I'll even have time to do some myself! This week I'm preparing our place for an onslaught of Christmas crafts by cleaning it and clearing out all the extraneous tidbits that have somehow deemed a place for the last year (you know who you are extra changing table, piles of junk mail, and kitchen tools that weirdly aren't in the kitchen).

Oh, and uh... I'm making those ear warmers. That needs to happen. Wait, I live in California? Whatever, we have snow... somewhere.

What blogs have you fallen in love with recently? Seen any holiday crafts that speak to you?

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