Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nursery Reworked in Dreamland

From left to right: Season Reversible Quilt by notNeutral, Wheelbarrow Chair by Karl Sanford, Tetra 2 Six Drawer Cabinet by notNeutral (in poppy, please!), Sheep Pillow Friend by Elana Rosa Design, Pico Fox Pillow by Fauna, Cast Iron Bathtub Couch by Ruffhouse Art, Nest Crib by Offi, Orange 3D Butterfly Silhouette set by Hip and Clavicle, Low Bookcase by TrueModern, Meadow Floor Pillow set by Amenity Nursery.

I am a serial re-arranger. Birch and I have succeeded in switching the nursery and our bedroom and as we work on eradicating all the stuff that we don't use, that looks dingy, that doesn't fit, that's broken, I find myself salivating over some pretty cool replacements. Some, I have to admit to myself, not anywhere near my price range, but a good many are and uh... you can rely on me allocating my "allowance" on the above items (although, not that crib, that thing is purely cool from afar and I can't imagine ever actually purchasing it).

I'm pretty sure I'll be tackling the reversible quilt myself as it looks incredibly simple and would most certainly save me some money. Those colors are fantastic, though, so I'll be hitting up the local fabric stores in search of similar solids. I think I'll just go for a straight stitch quilting, though, instead of all those shapes. Easier, for sure and I'm not really sure I love those shapes anyway.

The Wheelbarrow Chair by Karl Sanford is straight genius. I'm actually somewhat annoyed that I hadn't ever thought of it! You know those egg chairs? It reminds me of those, but less weirdly futuristic and more awesomely re-purposed modern. How awesome of a reading chair would that be for a small kid? Coupled with a small ottoman, the Wheelbarrow Chair would be unstoppable. Haha, perhaps a faux straw bale (or a real one, for that matter). This baby would be perfect in the garden, too! Perhaps even more at home there, although its addition along with the felt garden and Keats' playhouse would be the perfect way to bring our outdoors life inside all year round. Yeah, I'm diggin' that chair.

Most of the time, I'm drawn to the old and shabby dressers that are invariably made of really heavy wood, but this dresser caught my eye and I'm pretty sure it's almost solely due to the poppy orange option... I know, I know, I can paint literally any dresser drawer orange and create the same effect. Well, that's what I plan on doing. So there.

Elana Rosa Design creates literally everything about all the stuff in her shop and this Sheep Pillow is no exception. And isn't it adorable? What a funny idea! It cracks me up every time I see it.

FOX PILLOW! Need I say more?

Rufflehouse Art makes these beautiful, custom bathtub couches and I love them. Don't they just look perfect to fill with boldly patterned pillows? Paired with a colorful, funky teapot, a bright day with light showers, and an early morning reading Beatrix Potter stories with my cuddly boy, Keats. Due to the edges, I'll have to wait until Keats is a tad older and standing stable all on his own.

The Nest Crib is fun and funky, commanding attention with beautiful lines. It doesn't look as chunky as so many cribs are these days, which I like. It converts to a toddler bed, too! But like I said, I wouldn't be able to justify the cost on this one (especially since we inherited a very lovely crib that also converts). Still... it's pretty sweet...

I love three-dimensional wall art and these butterflies by Hip and Clavicle are lovely. With our new plan for the nursery decor, these would be perfect whisping about the walls above the changing table, the playhouse and sparsely spread about the ceiling.

The Low Bookcase (what a great, creative title... meh) by True Modern is glorious. A place for board books and Fisher Price people as they quietly await being thrown about the room by excited hands.

Pillows! Does anyone else dream of a pillow room? Wouldn't this Meadow Floor Pillow set be just perfect? For now, I'm settling for a pillow corner in Keats' nursery, but some day... some day I will reign supreme over the Pillow Room.

From left to right: Cow Parsley Lamp by Hannah Nunn, Read Sign by William Dohman, Fabric Jingle Blocks by Little1Fun, Castles Pillow by norajane, Love House by My House Party, Season of Migration Sofa by Spruce Home, Otto the Weiner Dog Plush Dachsund by Blackbird Fashion, Mod Teacups Pillow by norajane.

I like the idea of night lights that aren't meant to be night lights. This Cow Parsley lamp by Hannah Nunn looks like it could very nicely double for me. Perhaps tucked into a bookcase cube all by itself or surrounded by little figurines atop a nightstand, this lamp just screams quiet relaxation and calm drifting into sleep after a nightmare.

Creating a fun, enjoyable space for reading is essential to me. A cozy spot on something soft with good light and William Dohman's Read Sign sounds heavenly to me. A place to read all the greatest and silliest things, to imagine different lives and different places, all from the comfort of a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows and a cushy couch or chair. Sign me up, please!

Right now, in the early uncoordinated playtime days, these fabric blocks from Little1Fun are perfect. Easy to grab, irresistible to teething gums, soft when thrown, and stackable, too!

Castle Pillow (and Mod Teacup Pillow) by Norajane are purchased and on their way! Pillow room, reading corner, naps on the floor, the possibilities are endless. Keats has another pillow from Norajane with butterflies and bugs all over it. He plays with it in his crib quietly when he first wakes up from naps and on lucky nights, as he falls asleep. He taps at the bees and dive bombs the ladybugs, giggling all the while. I ordered three more pillows from this shop (it was hard to stop there) and I can't wait to add them to our growing collection!

Love House by My House Party looks like the perfect vessel for a child's first plant. It's so pretty, I'd love an industrial window full of air plants stuffed into little wooden homes like this one... some day, dream house, some day.

Oh, and the Season of Migration Sofa by Spruce Home? Heaven! I wonder if they'd be open to a payment plan... must own. (Reading corner!)

The stuffie dachsund from Blackbird Fashion is so unbelievably awesome I almost wish I lived in some kind of color explosion world where dachsunds really did look like that. Where all animals had some kicked out patterns clashing and mashing together so wonderfully that you just want to skip around holding hands and drinking imaginary tea with your friends around a festive table.

So, there it is, some wondrous items I'm almost scared to show you (especially that sofa...) It makes me happy to make my home a place full of color, nooks, play, words, and style. Each day I get a little closer to bringing our apartment to a new level of self expression and usability. Getting the two to coincide is a delightful challenge and I just love seeing all these possibilities out there in the world. Have any favorite items in your home? What are they and why? Here's to making a house a home.

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