Sunday, October 17, 2010

Expatriate Comes for a Visit, Brings a Bunch of Brits: Photos

Skylar at the San Francisco Zoo.

An anaconda a little too interested in my son.
Skylar searching the redwood forest for gnomes.

My sister showing Skylar a banana slug!

Skylar and Keats made fast friends.

Skylar and Suzie playing with the sand in the California sun.

Keats "puts" his feet in the Pacific for the very first time... and hates it.

Olive decides that Skylar is safe... temporarily. ;)

My sister's beautiful family in the fresh ocean breeze of the Pacific.
Showing Keats the very fun nature of sand.

Laughing away at his very silly parents.

Petting and feeding the animals at Little Farm in Tilden Park, Berkeley.

Skylar is an old hand at feeding livestock.

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