Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time for Craziness, Little Keats, Little Keats

So remember when I was gently and quietly reading Beatrix Potter to Keats? Yeah, no more. Books send Keats into a tizzy like nothing I've ever seen. He loves them! He squeaks and yelps, swinging his arms around in a whirlwind of activity that ends with complete surrender to enthusiastic fury. Indeed, eventually we actually have to take away and hide the book because Keats becomes so furious with his at-the-moment inability to grasp the heavy book that he begins to scream and cry. Reading as a before bed activity? I don't think so... not yet anyway. Oh, and he especially goes crazy for those about/with animals.

So despite Keats' mellow disposition, there are, so far, two things that he is absolutely impatient about: books and food. Sound like anyone you know? He is indeed his father's son.

Time to invest in some more board books. Oooo, padded too. Have you seen those? They're awesome. Makes me kind of wish my books were padded. Kind of cozy. (Not that I've invested much of my free time in reading books, but that day will come... Right? I hope so.)

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