Thursday, September 30, 2010

Farmama: The Blog That Reaffirms Birch and My Dreams

I happened upon this blog while visiting one of the many I frequent on nearly a daily basis: Mom in Madison. Denise also has a food/cooking blog that I visit as well. She posted that sunflower butter cookie recipe that I'm just dying to bake, but haven't been able to due to a two-week whirlwind of adventure and fun with my sister's family who was visiting from England (more on that another time). So maybe this weekend I'll get to it, finally, not to mention all the sewing projects that were put on hold. ANYWAY, I've been delighting in Denise's blog so much that I took a look at some of her favorites and came across my personal Holy Grail of Blogs: Farmama.

Sara and her family are sustainable farmers that, as she puts it, "unschool" their four beautiful children. She crafts away with her homemade wool yarn, cans all summer long for food in the winter, shares with her neighbors, digs cold storage pits, keeps bees, and the list goes on. Her family really is living out Birch and my dream for our future (not including our dream of a small cafe/home decor shop). She received our ultimate respect when I came across the fact that they thresh their own wheat. I mean, seriously, they are fantastic!

Obviously, I don't want our fond respect to sound like psychotic obsession, so please know, Sara, that we aren't crazy people. Well, not actually crazy.

That being said, her "bookshelf" alone is worth its weight in gold. I immediately added the majority to our list of must-reads. Now, I have to admit that my fondness for blogs isn't quite shared by Birch, but when I showed him this one, he was just as excited as I was (and just as shocked when he read there that all American-made canning lids have BPA in them. Yep, that's right, people. You know your carefully homemade, organically grown pickles you've been enjoying? Slightly tainted by BPA. Awesome.) Oh, and weird coincidence: she has a son named Asher (you know, like Birch's brother).

On an unrelated note, Birch has promised me that when we own our farm, I can have kitties again. Birch is allergic and I made a very hard sacrifice in leaving my beloved cat, Embe, with my parents when he and I got married. Hopefully, the farm will happen soon enough for Embe to join us (she's nine or ten, now). We'll build a special attached room for them and let them roam about the farm. And yes, they'll be neutered and spayed. No barn kittens, for us! Well... only rescued ones. Oh man, this could get out of control.

So, Farmama, keep farming and keep blogging. You are an absolute inspiration to us and what you're doing isn't just good for yourselves but also for the world. Now everyone else, go check out her beautiful world!

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