Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cozying Up to Fall

Fall clothes are my favorite. I know I'm not alone here. Scarves, sweaters, tights, the occasional hat and gloves, and cozy wool pants. I complained about fall, but that was really just my displeasure at losing Birch to the madness that is teaching high school students. Now that I've reconciled myself to it, I'm actually really excited for fall. After much consideration, it's my favorite season. It's beautiful, it signals the coming of pumpkin curry and from-scratch pot pies, the clothes are divine, my long hair will finally be a blessing, it'll be Keats' first ever Halloween (we're thinking The Flying Man complete with cannon), and then (!) Thanksgiving. Um, yum! We'll do some gardening, of course, and with the cooler weather our tropical Olive dog starts to shiver pretty bad so we'll relent and get her a sweater, too. I've already picked one out. I think it's awesome, but it'll have to remain a surprise for you until she's actually wearing it.

So fall clothes...
Isla New York's amazing, customizable jersey hoodie wrap 

(Okay, I'm having issues with uploading pictures, etc., so the one will have to do for now. Believe me, my wishlist is full of fantastic handmade finds. Another time...)

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