Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fall Rears Its Ugly Head

That's not really fair. Autumn is actually quite a lovely season (not as lovely as the East Coast's autumn, but oh well) and I'll take any excuse to wear tights and scarves, but it came pretty fast this year what with Birch's shorter summer vacation due to the rearranging of semester schedules, California weather being on the general fritz, and my decision to take a few classes this fall which means I'm looking at course catalogs and "applications." There is, however, the great bonus of my sister, Suzie, and her family coming for a visit in late September from their home in northern England that lends the next coming months an air of excitement and extreme anticipation that is, to be honest, starting to become slightly unbearable.

Our garden hit an anticlimactic snag when we discovered that ALL of our tomatoes had been devoured by rats. Yeah, you heard me. Rats. Sick and disgusting. We decided to go all calm on the subject and just shrugged our shoulders and now "know for next year." The tomato plant skeletons still stand in their same delegated spot, however, both Birch and I either unwilling or too traumatized to fully remove them from our garden abundance (which really should be done to make way for the grapes, nasturtiums, and new fall seedlings).

Birch, who starts teaching his fifth year tomorrow, is atypically stressed out which puts me in an altogether strange mood that can only be described as otherworldly. Unfortunately, that is typical. I do, however, have several ideas for projects of my own to make his life this year more organized and more decorative. He needs the first and questions the second, but I'm almost positive he'll be thrilled with the results. Projects: sewing reusable sandwich bags and a thermos holder, decoupaging (that's not a word) magazine folders, making a themed cork board, and decorating several binders all with an Earth and Life Science theme (those are his subjects).

Another reason to celebrate the coming of fall is that We Be Baby Mamas (the group Keats and I participate in) has come together beautifully with very fun mamas and extremely cute babies. Tomorrow we're meeting up at IKEA then coming back to my place for some mac 'n cheese and most likely discussion/gossip. Last week, our men got together, too, for some disc golfing then we all grilled together and ate cheesecake. Yeah, we're awesome. On the to-do list: canning homemade baby food. I made applesauce last week and it smelled and tastes delicious! Keats makes a funny face with each spoonful but always wants more. Way to go, my little man.

Birch has promised me a professional haircut at Cowboys & Angels in San Francisco and a new shirt and I've promised him some new clothes for work (including a few choice ties). Etsy here I come (for the millionth time)! Yep, the next couple months should be pretty grand, but I already miss not having Birch at home with us during the day. Weekends are far too short.

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