Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Elephant

I've been struggling as to how to bring a certain vital piece of information to light here on the blog and after discussing with my man, I decided that just putting it out there would be easiest.

In high school, I got pregnant and decided to keep the baby. After weighing in several factors that I won't go into at the moment, I decided to give the baby up for adoption. It was the single most difficult and distressing decision I've ever made in my life, one that I still question to this day.

That decision was made over eight years ago and everyday since I've yearned for a child and felt incomplete and lost, divided between my inner perceptions of myself and what the world could see of me. I've realized that talking about being a parent here in this forum would be misleading and incomplete without this knowledge being given to you. Another day at another time I'll delve into "the story" and from time to time I'll reference this event but it felt time to let you know.

Please feel free to ask me questions about my experience, but also know that any derogatory remarks will not be published to the blog for others to see.

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  1. you were born to be a mother and you have become an intelligent, and beautiful woman. Birch and Keats are very lucky to have you, which I'm sure they already know.