Friday, March 8, 2013

Sorting and Wearing

Clothes breed, don't they? I swear I've gone through my clothes every time we've moved. Each time I've saved certain pieces attaching some sort of sentimental feeling to them or just hoping I'd fit in them again. Yeah... So now we're in this house and Birch and I are feeling the spirit of renewal and purge. New Year resolutions abound and I am not the only offender when it comes to clothes hoarding. I cannot tell you how many shirts Birch has with holes and/or unspeakable stains. I mean, he's had most of them since middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL. I'll remind you, he's 32. Yeah. So while I reassemble Birch's wardrobe with appropriate wear, I'm shredding unthinkably ridiculous shirts and things for a rag rug and cutting up squares of the nicer prints for a quilt. The rest... well, I don't really know what to do with the rest. The whole point of these clothes is that they are not fit to be worn so I don't want to drop them at Goodwill or anything.

My personal resolution for myself is that any new clothes I purchase must fit these requisites:
  • It fits me NOW.
  • It makes me feel BEAUTIFUL and FIT.
  • It goes with clothes I already OWN.
  • It is HIGH QUALITY and will last over a years' worth of wear without warping or fading.
Very simply, I haven't made it a priority in my life to primp everyday, but I've begun to feel like I'm letting go a bit hence the rules above. No more clothes that fit poorly, no more that shrink or warp with one washing, and no more struggling to find something to wear out. I don't want to just be buying things all the time. I want each purchase to be calculated, budgeted, and thought out.

There is also the issue that my life is somewhat erratic when it comes to clothing needs. This is true of us all, right? So our closets have to accommodate different needs and occasions. Mine vary thusly:
  • Clothes able to be covered in chicken nastiness.
  • Clothes for date nights and parties.
  • Comfort clothes for sick days.
My most recent purchases since this resolution have been mostly from Anthropologie, but I'm looking to Etsy and its many sellers creating handmade items from organic, fair trade cotton, etc. Leggings, especially. I swear I've died and gone to heaven looking through the various shops for leggings. I swoon just thinking about it.

Fox print leggings by Supayana; image courtesy of seller
Spirit Bear Print leggings in black by prettypennydesigns, image courtesy of seller
The Bees Knees leggings by blackbirdtees; image courtesy of seller
As you can see, I have an affectionate love affair with Color and Pattern. They are jealous of each other at times, but when the three of us get together all at once it's just steamy and fantastic.

The last step of sorting is storing! I have a few ideas floating around and a Pinterest board I'm slightly ashamed to call my own. With literally nothing to show for all the planning in my head, Spring isn't going to pass by without this project cementing itself on the checked-off list. That is paramount.

Love to you all. What are your favorite pieces of clothing? What do you have your eye on?


  1. I have that same problem. I do not want to buy anything nice for myself because I'm waiting for my pre-pregancy body to magically return...yet that most likely won't happen. I decided that its ok to get myself something nice, that fits NOW. It's made me feel better about myself :)

  2. Those leggings are all awesome. I hope you can get some for yourself soon.

    After I emailed you with the "I don't wear these clothes but feel guilty giving them away so what do I do?" angst, I bagged up all that stuff and promptly forgot what was in the bag. Now I have some space in my 26" x 30" closet, which is unbelievable to me. Funny, with less clothes but more clothes that are carefully selected, the "I have nothing to wear!" feeling has gone away.

    I like how you broke down the purposes your clothes need to serve. I am pretty lucky in that my work clothes can be what I'd wear on my own time, although of course at work I don't show ink or cleavage. That makes it much, much easier to have a small closet.

    The favorites that I kept are mostly solid vivid-but-not-primary colors, fitted to my body, made of wool, cotton, or hemp. The ruffle skirt (in spinach) arrived the other day and I've worn it for like three days solid. :) So I guess that's my favorite now.

    Since I just bought a few new pieces of clothing, I am good for now, but I do need to get some socks soon since I have three or four pairs. I am thinking of trying SmartWool since I have heard they're good and they also are pretty good on the ethical spectrum.

    I am also in love with the slippers in this shop:

    But it won't be happening any time soon as the slippers I have are in good condition. Also felt would probably be quickly coated in cat and dog fur!

  3. PS Sorry for the epic comment, I just find the intersections of fashion, gender, consumption, ethics, etc etc fascinating and could talk for a long time.