Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Settling Down

Well, we're moving! Again...

We are so excited about the new place. It's on the same property with the same lovely owners in our beautiful little farming town by the sea. We've been more crunched in our current place than we thought we'd be as we completely failed at organizing our things as well as letting go of several things that have remained in boxes the whole year we've been here. Why did we keep them? Ugh. So, with the new place and the new-found space, both Birch and I are determined to do things right this time so that we're happy and comfortable from the start.

The new place is bigger with two bedrooms, a living room, dining area, laundry room, giant bathroom and kitchen. Easily twice the size of our current place, potentially (and more probably) three times the size. It's going to be a big change and very welcome. It has storage galore in comparison to our current one closet and I'm extra excited about the two garden sheds out back. I'm planning on turning one into a playhouse and using the other as a very handy potting/tool shed with a very minimal scattering of boxes that I just don't want in the house. There's a front and a back yard, both fully enclosed. There's a porch complete with a swing! That part of me that aches for my life in Virginia is greatly pleased by the prospect of a porch swing, let me tell you. The interior is very interesting and fun. It's an old house. We're guessing around the 30's but we'll need my father-in-law's opinion on that. Let me just say this: there's a built-in gun rack. Yep. It. Is. Awesome. Not really down with having a gun in the house but at least the rack is behind glass doors and lockable. And hey, Birch can always use it for fishing rods until I lose my mind and allow him to buy a rifle for hunting.

Our chickens and ducks are moving along with us, though they'll be kept away from the house. I am stoked about that. I'll miss seeing them so regularly throughout the day, but boy am I excited that 1) I won't constantly hear them crowing or going on and on about how they just laid an egg and aren't they just the cat's meow, 2) there will be no more chicken poop on our deck and therefore no need to sweep the deck three times a day, and 3) we'll be living far enough from the peacocks that I doubt they'll try to steal any more food or even hang out at all near us. (That last one? Oh yeah, the peacocks have been leading their ladies into our coop and stealing the chickens' crumble. I put about fifty dollars worth of food in there and it was gone the next day. Livid.)

So, instead of projects galore, we're simply packing and cleaning for a few weeks. I'll miss our first little place here in Pescadero, but I'll get over it. I'm sure I'll even miss the peacocks. I do love them in a fashion. They bring so much character to our little slice of heaven.

I am so grateful to our landlords for providing us with this opportunity. Pescadero has proven to be the dream that we hoped it would be. We are still blown away each time we come home to this amazing coastal community. It is so beautiful here with fresh, ocean air and gorgeous rolling hills and pockets of farmland. We're getting to know those around us and love visiting our weekly farmer's market and seeing our new friends and neighbors. It is such an amazing experience to be here. This move is just what we needed and wanted for ourselves at this point in our lives.

When you live in paradise, what else can you ask for?

Thank you for the love and support! All my love to you and yours...

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