Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ten Little Toes

For younger babies and toddlers, I've really loved shopping over at Weepereas. Beth makes lovely things (not just shoes!) and I check up on her shop regularly to see what's new (there seems to always be something). Her handmade cloth shoes are adorable and durable and they don't slip off! Not even off a newborn's tiny feet! They are very affordable and I love that I can wash them right along with the rest of my laundry. Oh, and they're reversible!
Some of my favorites from Weepereas:
Clockwise from Left: Keats wearing Trains at 3 months; Tiny Deer (I may have bought these, just in case); Woodland Friends; and Blossoms.

Beth is venturing into leather shoes, but until they're available in the shop, I'll be coveting some Livie & Luca.

My sister just turned me onto this awesome kiddie shoe shop, Livie & Luca. It's not often that my North-Yorkshire-living sister and I can shop at the same stores, but it's always fun when we discover something that serves both the UK and the US.

The Livie & Luca brand is committed to both giving back and using less. They use the scraps of leather from other companies that would otherwise be thrown away to make their shoes, an idea I can fully get behind. They also donate shoes to children in Honduras, "possibly their first pair of shoes for school and protection from soil-borne infections caused by walking barefoot." They are much more expensive than Weepereas, but as they would most likely last longer (due to both durability and the fact that the little one isn't growing as fast anymore) I think the price is worth it for some high-quality, adorable, and earth/community-friendly kid shoes.

Some of my favorites from Livie & Luca:
Port Yellow Soft Sole $34
Ferris Boardwalk $40
Brussels Brown Suede $45.50
Bloom Fuchsia Sandal $45
Ferris Carnival $45 (I wish I had a pair of these lovelies.)
Go snatch up some shoes! 
Josiah's Nest is offering a discount at Weepereas, go check out the blog!


  1. I'm stoked that you liked Livie & Luca, too! I wanted to get Skylar a bunch of pairs. Alas, I'll have to wait for her to grow out of her awesome fuschia peacock lovelies before we move on to the next pair. I hope they make some boots for the autumn/winter seasons! I feel like I should order those port aqua ones, just in case I have a boy some day. I love them. *sigh*

  2. P.S. Those cherry blossom baby shoes from Weepereas!! So pretty.