Friday, January 25, 2013

The Year in Chores

This is one of those lists that I am, at the outset, positive will be rearranged and completed as we can. In between, there will be other to-do's like preparing for parties, coop chores, and hopefully getting more done than we'd planned. But here it is, in its near entirety. I'm positive things have been forgotten or will merely be added as we come to them. Also, I know: this is daunting. This is a lot. This is too much, really. And that is fine! I'm not so stuck on some of the items, but I wanted to get them down so I wouldn't forget. I also find it helps to have the full picture so I get what I can done in a way that won't be completely disrupted when the later projects are finished through.
  • organize books (purge)
  • build driftwood bench with hairpin legs (find reasonably priced legs online)
  • create a reception station (boot & shoe area, place to put down bags, garbage can, shredder, mail sorter, key rack, coats hung up, hat rack)
  • buy large all-weather mat for the space from the dining room to front door
  • new bed frame (iron from
  • buy extra bedding
  • take doors off closet
  • purge clothes
  • organize clothes by function (for birch) and color (for me)
  • take out boxes to the garage
  • create a space for desk and a wall filing system (for dealing with bills, etc)
Nursery corner:
  • set up crib
  • sew flannel bedding for crib
  • put up decorations
Laundry area:
  • more plants (ferns, etc) in the window
  • put up a line for drying some things
  • build shelves in the cabinet for detergent
  • keep counter above washer and dryer CLEAR for folding
Dining room:
  • clear up cold breakfast station
  • clear up hot drink station (with added coffee supplies from kitchen)
  • create recycling area
  • clear off buffet table
  • organize dishes
  • buy serving dishes once a month until we have what we need
  • buy dining chairs (at least four)
  • buy booster seat
Kids' room:
  • take doors off closet
  • hang up clothes (by function for keats, by color for frida)
  • new bed for keats (smaller, lofted?)
  • buy bins and organize toys
  • buy another bookcase
May/JuneLiving room:
  • replace and paint windowsill
  • paint fireplace white
  • create photo wall
  • paint remaining walls
  • put up artwork and photo frames
  • more light (!) especially over the mantle
Front garden and porch:
  • rake/sweep
  • build raised bed around perimeter
  • plan garden
  • put up birdhouses
  • put up shelving for cookbooks (purge some we never use)
  • oil drawers so they pull out and push in smoothly
  • small shelf or rack for frequently used items right above the butcher block (to clear space for chopping, etc)
  • shelf above counter for smaller bulk item jars
  • move coffee making supplies to a special station in dining room
  • move toaster to the counter
  • clean out fridge and put down liner for easier clean-up
  • sort drawers and label
  • herb garden in the window
  • purge glasses (so many means infrequent dish-washing and dishes piling up)
  • buy new teapot (le creuset)
  • put up shelf for pots OR get more hooks for the pot rack
  • put up the three-tier basket for heavier vegetables and fruit
  • paint walls
  • buy/make new shower curtain
  • buy new shower curtain pole/holder
  • organize diaper changing station
  • purge all old/expired products and medicine & REPLACE what is needed (medicine, especially)
November/DecemberBack garden: 
  • build duck enclosure
  • buy and put up aviary netting to keep out hawks and little birds
  • build raised beds for vegetable gardening
  • secure shed and paint
  • put up garden art
  • put up shelving for boxes (at least three feet off the ground)
  • organize tools on pegboard
  • clean out chick brooding box
  • sweep

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