Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Up in the Air

I have decided that this past year was a test-drive. There was a whole lot of planning, shifting, moving, rearranging, cleaning out, and yet not much progress. The chicken coop was our major home accomplishment of the year and we are so grateful for all the help we received in order to make it happen.

Truthfully, this year made me feel a bit inadequate. We were really excited to move to Pescadero and throw ourselves into the rural life, but something was just amiss. Don't get me wrong, we still love it, still want to live here, and still very much appreciate the opportunity to make our dreams happen. This year just brought out my inadequacies when it comes to self-motivation, time management, and worst of all: stress and depression management. Getting through it. That was the name of the game this year. (By the way, "the year" in this case refers to June 2011 - June 2012.)

Like I said in my previous post, our situation is a bit up in the air as we figure out what to do about rent. Thankfully, someone else on the property is moving and we have been offered that house to move into. It's a bit bigger than our current place but would be the same rent. Other details are still a bit unknown, but it has a front and back yard, a front patio, and it's easier to find as it sits directly on the main road. The owners have offered to help move our coop (it's massive). It's still all just a conversation, I believe, but we're hoping it works out.

So, instead of fixing up our place like we planned this summer, we're focusing on sorting and discarding. Yard sales, Goodwill donations, deep cleaning, and trips to the transfer station with recycling, trash, and a broken vacuum cleaner... that's our summer this year. We're now strangely grateful that we didn't garden, didn't build that deck enclosure, and didn't wallpaper the bathroom.

Here's to this year. May it be a year of progress! Keep your fingers crossed with us as we sort out details on the new place.

Thanks and all my love!


  1. Exciting that you have a new place! I hope you really like it. I feel we are weirdly in synch about what the last year has been like. I too am going through a big purge of stuff I want to be free of... my goal is to have gone through the house by the time my Dad visits (July 10) and then go through the garage after that. Want to be sorting and discarding buddies? It would be awesome to have support, even if it's just saying "Why do I have three pepper grinders?!" to someone else. I definitely need hand holding for book purging. -- Rhiannon

  2. so nice to read this and see that we're more on the same page than it seems sometimes. i'm really excited to make this transition and "start over" with pescadero and you.
    love you! -birch