Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finding Calm

The winter holidays are crazy for everyone, it seems. To-do's galore and visiting pretty much everyone you know that you possibly can, coordinating family get-togethers and cleaning up, decorating and documenting, wrapping and unwrapping. It's easy to get lost in the whirlwind of activity and even easier to fall down the slippery slope to hyperventilation and daily panic attacks (not good).

So, each day, if I possibly can, I focus in on the calm, quiet moments--those beautiful details that make the crazy worthwhile.

A line of owls looks over us as we eat at the dining room table.

Our Christmas tree--a Sequoia--has a beautiful contrast of colors.

A luxurious, soft throw that keeps us cozy on the couch.

Everything is better with gentle light.

Light wood ornaments dangle from the tree.

Small, globe twinkle lights are perfect for our simple tree.

Wood reindeer (napkin rings) watch over us as we read stories in the living room.

Locally made trees add a soft touch to the windowsill.

The fox from our wedding cake walks across the snowy, winter windowsill.

Frida's hand-crocheted blanket is perfectly warm for cold December nights.

A mirrored star dangles from the ceiling just above the tree reflecting the light.

Colored pencils stand at the ready for moments of inspiration.

Locally made ceramics add a decorative touch to practicality.

A bowl of sweet is just right when days are short and nights long.

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